Bad Audio With Gaming Headsets

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Does your gaming headset make a buzzing or hissing noise when it’s plugged in and powered on? Take a read over this, it just might help.

Recently I posted why I can’t recommend Turtle Beach PX21’s gaming headset. After publishing that post I noticed a lot of people visiting the site looking for help with their PX21’s because of a buzzing, hissing or crackling noise. Instead of just having people reading my experience with the PX21’s I decided to publish this post in hope to help anyone reading.

I should also point out that this post can be useful for all gaming headsets, not just the PX21’s.

Bad audio with a gaming headset on the Xbox 360

In my previous post I said the following:

It wasn’t until I started charging my controller using the play & charge kit and having the PX21’s connected at the same time that I noticed a loud humming sound.

The Turtle Beach KB article states:

The USB bus power on the Xbox is known for being noisy and carrying hum. It seems that the Microsoft play ‘n charge controller charger emits an electromagnetic field that may interfere with your Turtle Beach headset, causing a continuous buzzing sound.

So the noise problem is actually caused by the play ‘n charge controller charger and not the headset. This can be confirmed by removing the charger as I’ve previously done.

Turtle Beach suggests the following:

Please charge your controller while playing with the speaker
system and not the headset. Then when you want to play with
your headset headset, you can disconnect the Play & Charge Kit
and use the controller without it. That way you can keep your
controller charged and use your headphones when you need to.

This is a good work around but if you’re like me actually planning to charge your controller before a gaming session doesn’t happen very often.

They also suggest:

Instead of plugging your headphones USB plug into the front
of the Xbox, you can use an AC to USB converter instead.
That would allow the headset to get its power from a different
circuit than your battery charger, which should remove the

Even though they mention using a AC to USB converter to power the headset you could probably use a laptop or PC instead.

Buzzing, hissing or crackling noise with gaming headset on a PC

In my previous post I also mention:

a loud crackling and hissing noise would appear every time the headset was plugged into a USB port. These same sounds would occur on all PC’s and Laptops with some worse than others. Trying different cables, USB extenders, hubs etc wouldn’t solve the issue.

If you are experiencing bad audio with your gaming headsets on a PC then read this Turtle Beach KB article might help. Its not something I had considered before but its certainly bookmarked for any future problems I may have.

Cables causing bad audio

Believe it or not the audio cables you use can also cause a buzzing, hissing or crackling noise. I’ve discovered this a while back when I was getting a really bad crackling noise, the culprit was one of the RCA audio cables that I had hooked up. These cables are really cheap but its also really useful to have some spares handy.

Unfortunately that’s all I have for this problem but if I do learn of anything new I’ll be sure to update this post. If you know of any tips to fix this problem please drop a comment below.


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