First test video using a Dazzle connector & Xbox

| April 24, 2010 | 3 Comments

Hooking up my new Dazzle connector to record videos of my Xbox gaming was very simple, it took less than 10 minutes to install the drivers on my laptop and hook up all the cables. I’ve posted my first test video onto YouTube to show the level of video quality the Dazzle set-up provides.

To record the video of the game play I used the software that was provided with the Dazzle, Pinnacle Instant DVD recorder. The software is very easy to use, with minimal features it provides the ability to burn to the video to a blank disc or directly to the hard drive. It creates the video using VOB format so if you want to upload the video to YouTube it then needs to be converted to one of the support formats i.e. MPEG or AVI.

To convert the VOB format to MPEG I used CyberLink PowerDirector which I found to be adequate. PowerDirector has some nice little features to allow tweaking of the video quality and size also.

So what does the final video quality come out as? Watch the below video to see. *edit* this video has been deleted as I’ve changed accounts on YouTube. No point in re-uploading this video.

Not bad for the first test run but what I don’t like about this is the fact I can’t play using HDMI or component cables. I have been using HDMI for so long that I forgot what the quality of Composite AV was like and lets face it, it’s not good!

I’ve scrapped the idea of even trying to record and play games using AV so I’m now waiting for the delivery of the Hauppauge HD PVR that I purchased from PC World for £179.99 (free shipping).

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    1. Ah yes, composite really sucks! I had to use it for about 2 weeks while I waited for that component switcher cable I blogged about. Hoping to get official cables today so I’ll have the Xbox going through DVI-D and PS3 into component. The switcher cable really sucked.

      Video quality is fine though, well, at 360 anyway. The x/y ratio is wrong isn’t it? I think the video should be wider.

    2. Gavin says:

      Are you recording your games? My PVR is being shipped today so I can get the Xbox & PS3 back to HD again.

      The video quality isn’t too bad, I have seen worse, but you are right about the x/y ratio. I’ve tried different configs with the capture software but it doesn’t seem to change. I’ve been thinking it might be the settings on the Xbox, something I have to look at.

    3. I wasn’t recording them but I only had the composite cable for the PS3. I do have a hdmi cable but I don’t have hdmi connections on my monitor. I hope today I’ll get an official PS3 component cable and official MS hdmi cable (with the digital out). Unfortunately my tests with a hdmi -> dvi connector on the xbox weren’t too positive. The picture lacked contrast and was a little dull. I blogged about it yesterday.

      BTW – something odd about your dns. I wasn’t able to load this site yesterday while using Irish dns (domain wasn’t found) but I was able to ping the domain from my server in Atlanta!

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