Hauppauge HD PVR Has Kicked The Bucket

| November 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

Getting ready to record some Battlefield 3 gameplay yesterday when I discovered my Hauppauge HD PVR would no longer power on. I’ve expected something like this would happen and it would be only a matter of time.

Back in April 2010 I bought a new Hauppauge HD PVR costing £179 from PC World and although it’s an expensive gaming accessory I can honestly say that it was well worth every penny even if it did break down a year and some months later. Usually with me if something that becomes faulty I wouldn’t recommend the product or buy from the same company again. I’m actually very stubborn when it comes to buying from a company that I’ve had a bad experience with.

What’s different with the HD PVR

Since April of last year I’ve recorded over 1000 videos of my gameplay on both Xbox 360 & PS3 and although due to real life responsibilities I could probably record a few thousand more given the chance. For me, this alone makes the purchase of the HD PVR well worth it. After having the power problem I didn’t hesitate in ordering a new HD PVR from Amazon.co.uk and will probably record a few thousand more videos.

Hopefully the PVR will arrive either tomorrow or Friday as I’ve planned to try and capture some Battlefield 3 footage.

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