Setting up PC to record Xbox games

| April 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

One of the main projects I wanted to do for this site was to upload videos of my game play. I’ve been reading over a lot of websites on how I can achieve this and found there are various methods. The method I am going to try is using a Dazzle connector.

I went to my local Maplin’s store and explained to the desk clerk that I wanted to hook my Xbox up to the PC to record my gaming onto video. Thankfully the guy I got speaking with was a gaming freak so he was able to point out how I should go about it.

For those wondering what the Dazzle connector looks like, here it is:

Dazzle connection for Xbox

The Dazzle DVD recorder cost me £39.99 in Maplin and I also purchased 3 of the 2-into-1 phono adpaters costing me £8.99. I already have Phono leads so no need for me to get these.

With the Dazzle connector, the 2-into-1 phono adapaters and Phono leads I should now be able to play as normal on my 42″ inch TV and record at the same time on my PC.

As the TV is not in my office alongside my PC and I dont have long enough cables to run from one room to another I’ll first attempt this setup on my laptop.

Fingers crossed that this works.

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