The lengths I go to for achievements

| April 11, 2011 | 4 Comments

One thing I hate seeing is the lack of completed achievements in my games list. To me not having 100% achievements is sort of like not completing the full game. This is probably why I don’t trade in games; I haven’t traded in 1 game ever.

Before you say that I should play the game to enjoy it and not for achievement, I do. I’ll complete a story line or campaign first then go back and get any achievements that I didn’t pick up during the game play. The way I see it, if you hunt for achievements you actually get more play time from it rather than finishing the story line and never to play it again.

One game that is doing my nut in at the moment is called Rapala Fishing Frenzy. There are only 9 achievements totalling 1000 Gamerscore points but my god it’s like pulling teeth as this game is so boring and that’s coming from someone who is a well seasoned fisherman.

The achievements are as follows:

  • Spotted Bass Expert – Caught 25 Spotted Bass. (completed)
  • Hard Cup Master – The Hard Cup Tournament has been successfully completed. (completed)
  • Normal Cup Master – The Normal Cup Tournament has been successfully completed. (completed)
  • Easy Cup Master – The Easy Cup Tournament has been successfully completed. (completed)
  • Largemouth Bass Expert – Caught 50 Largemouth Bass. (completed)
  • Smallmouth Bass Expert – Caught 25 Smallmouth Bass. (completed)
  • Striped Bass Expert – Catch 25 Striped Bass.
  • Fish Connoisseur – Catch at least 15 different fish species while fishing in the Tournaments.
  • Quick Fishing Expert – Successfully complete at least 30 Quick Fishing Challenges.

So far I have spent 7hrs getting the above completed achievements but the last 3 nearly have me in tears as I just can’t motivate myself to play this game any longer. As I said before I don’t like leaving these games unfinished so I really need to push myself to finally get rid of this game for good.

Are you an achievement hunter that loves that sound of achievement unlocked or do you simply finish a game and trade it in?

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    1. Donncha says:

      You do realise the developers of that game knew they were creating a sucky, boring game and the achievements are more than likely numbers and titles they picked from thin air for no more reason than to stick another bullet point on the box?

      You’ve got too much time to spare! 🙂

    2. Gavin says:

      Ha and also by adding this achievements you’ll get suckers like me buying the game, not that I bought it for the purpose of getting more achievements 🙂

      I wish I had more time on my hands, my job is getting in the way of gaming. Now, if only I got paid for gaming 🙂

    3. Gavin says:

      And its now completed 100%….at last!

    4. Donncha says:

      Well done. You have just advanced the cause of “gamifacation” 100 fold by persevering with that game!

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