How not to use Anti-Tank Mines in Bad Company 2

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If you play with the Engineer class in Bad Company 2 you have the option to use the Anti-Tank Mine, a useful weapon to use against a predictable tank driver. For those that have used the Anti-Tank Mine before you probably think that simply throwing the mine on a road is all that is required, think again.

Anti-Tank Mines in Bad Company 2

Anti-Tank Mines are highly explosive so when one goes in your face then there is a 100% chance its taking you down with an Epic fail (suicide).

Take a quick look at this very short video of me getting an Epic Fail after my own Anti-Tank Mine exploded beside me.

I’ve been caught a few times with this and it got me wondering, does walking over the Anti-Tank Mine cause it to explode? Nope, it actually happens when the enemy shoots one of the Mines setting it off.

If you look more closely at the video you can see a bullet come in from the left side of the map, this was the deadly shot that exploded my Anti-Tank Mine.

How to lay Anti-Tank Mines

The best possibly advice is to try and lay them without the enemy seeing you do so. A difficult one if the location is wide open for snipers to spot you.

Try running backwards when laying the Mines; if one does explode you might have a lucky escape.

Also, lay the mines in a location that is obvious where tanks will drive. Most tank drivers will stay on the road or track, these are predictable tank drivers and the easiest to take out.

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