How to beat Sullivan in Dead Rising 2

| October 11, 2010 | 8 Comments

This post contains a spoiler for one of the endings to Dead Rising 2 so if you don’t want to spoil the ending then skip reading this post.

Sullivan is one of the last boss fights you need to do for ending the game and I found him the most difficult to kill (without knowing how to approach the fight ) but as soon as I seen how to kill him it was very straight forward.

Video of how to beat Sullivan

The below video shows exactly how you can kill Sullivan and although there are various other methods I found this method very easy.

After Sullivan rolls at you perform a Front Kick (Hold RT & press x) which should stun him, then equipped with the sledge hammer hold x to whack him. Do this a couple of times and he’ll be dead in no time.

Some tips on preparing to kill Sullivan

Before you use the elevator to go up to the rooftop I recommend equipping yourself with a sledge hammer and lots of food. You can also find a food magazine around the corner from the elevator that gives you a health boost when consuming food.

Once you have your inventory filled with the sledgehammer and food save the game in the toilets beside the elevator.

Now proceed to go up to the roof but ignore the zombies by just running through them.  Once you get to the roof and after the load screens run towards the scaffold to the left which you can jump onto. You can then jump up to Sullivan from here.

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    1. CHRISTIAN says:


    2. Alister says:

      I’m gonna give this a shot. Sully is a dick for sure.;D

    3. connor says:

      wow that is amazing it took me a few trys bur i done thank fuking god

    4. Chris says:

      Thanks I got it my first try thanks

    5. tyler says:

      I keep trying the kick but then he counters it with a spinning back kick and does nothing to him… so gay

    6. jordan says:

      hey thx for the tips 🙂 my bf is trying to beat him and he’s having trouble so next time he’ll try the sludge hammer, is there any other easier way to kill him? like other weapons?

    7. fionn says:

      How is he that fast if he’s like 50!

    8. Jim says:

      Muller him
      2 LMGs.
      Lotsa Coffee Creamers
      Job Done.
      Quicker but more dangerous

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