How to get the SUV in Dead Rising 2

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In Shamrock Casino along the Silver Strip you’ll see an SUV on a stand but you’ll need the keys to be able to open the SUV and drive it. The keys are actually available to buy in the pawn shop directly opposite the Shamrock Casino but for a high price of $2,000,000 (cheaper if you have one or both Bargaining Magazines.

How to earn $2,000,000 to buy the SUV

This is actually very easy and will only take approx 30 minutes to do; it involves gambling at one of the casinos of course. Before you go off and start gambling I recommend getting hold of the 3 gambling magazines located at the following places:

  • Royal Flush Plaza – Ragazines
  • Palisades mall – Stan’s large print books and magazines
  • Silver Strip – Shamrock Casino

People are debating whether having these 3 magazines are effective or not but they worked for me so I’ll recommend having them.

Once you have the 3 gambling mags make your way to Slot Ranch Casino and locate the very large slot machine and start placing $1000 bets. Keep placing the bets after every spin and within 30 minutes or so you’ll hit the $2,000,000 mark.

Once you have $2,000,000 go back to the pawn shop in Silver Strip and buy the keys.

Why buy the SUV?

The SUV is the easiest way to get the Zombie Genocide Master Achievement (Kill 72,000 zombies) by simply driving up and down the strip harvesting all the Zombies.

Once you do purchase the keys I recommend saving your game. Any time you restart the story over you will still have the SUV keys.  Before starting the Zombie Genocide Master Achievement make sure to restart a new story, you need as much time as possible.

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