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Players who play as recon are often the most disliked players, next to spawn campers, in Bad Company due to how many use the recon class (camping and not helping team). People tend to think because they are a sniper (recon) its best to sit at the back of the map trying to pick off as many enemies as possible, this is not the case in Bad Company 2.

If you want to be part of the team and use recon then here are some tips to help & impress your team members and get your points up even higher.

Too many snipers in your squad?

There is nothing worse when a team or squad is made up of nothing but snipers. Not only will the game turn into a sniper-fest but it will also slow the battle down and minimise your chances of getting more points. If there is more than one sniper in your squad then do everyone a favour and change your class, don’t expect anyone else to do this first though.

Move your ass soldier

You are useless to your team if you’re sitting at the very back of the map but you also minimise the possibility of gaining higher points. When your team moves, you should move. There is no need to be on the front line but stay close to it so you and your team will have a better advantage.

Use spot assist as much as possible

One of the best features of the recon class is the spot assist; this provides your team members of whom or what is ahead of them in the battle. If you see an enemy vehicle such as a tank, helicopter or UAV then do the spot assist to warn everyone of its location and someone will take it out.

Anytime you look down the scope of your rifle use the spot feature. This is actually a good way of clocking up points. Do this as often as you can, you’ll be a real big help to the whole team and they’ll love you for it.

Dont save your own ass use the Motion Sensor wisely

I mostly use the Motion Sensor’s near M-COM stations (defending or attacking) so the team can see if there is any enemies sitting in wait. When the Motion Sensor does pickup enemy movement it allows the team to strategically attack their position. A Motion Sensor can be thrown at a great distance so you don’t actually need to be near the M-COM stations.

Using the Motion Sensor’s wisely is also a good way to clock up points, that’s if your team kills off any enemies that the Motion Sensor has spotted.

Watch over the M-COM stations

As attacking or defending M-COM stations is the primary objectives of the game as a recon it’s better to find a position that overlooks the M-COM stations. If you can see both stations clearly from your position then you have an advantage of helping out the whole team. When you have clear sight of the stations you can now use different tactics depending on how the battle is panning out. Your Motion Sensor’s and Mortars can come in very handy when watching over the M-COM station – don’t forget to spot assist.

Mortar the M-COM station

Watch your team move up into the M-COM stations and when they activate the alarm wait until you see the enemy move in. Now mortar the position and you’ll have a chance of knocking out a few enemies at a critical moment. Be careful that your own team are not in the building or you may end up flattening the whole building with your team inside (not good). If you are defending forget about using the mortar at your own M-COM Station.

Shoot and move, shoot and move

If you are a sniper and you shoot you have just given your position away. Kill someone more than once you can bet they’ll come after you to retaliate, remember recon is hated by others so revenge is sweet. So, whenever you fire of a shot or kill someone, move! Find somewhere else to sit and watch the battle unfold. Keep on the move and lower your chance of the enemy hunting you down like a rat because to most that is all you are.

Don’t be afraid of close quarter battles

Just because you have a long range rifle it doesn’t mean you should not be involved in the battle for the front line. The hand guns can be used efficiently at close range so switch to them if you running with your team mates.

If the map has tanks and you’ve decided to fight at close range switch your mortar for C4, you can now plant that C4 onto any tank that drives past you.

If attacking the M-COM stations plant C4 beside the M-COM station when your team activate it. Now run to a position which allows you to watch the enemy rush to defend the M-COM station and set off the C4, you’ll take out everyone who is near the station.

Don’t be obvious when your are camping

Because the recon class has a long range rifle it’s very tempting to camp behind a rock or in a bush and in most cases it’s usually the most obvious place to the enemy. If you are going to camp try and not make it obvious to where you are sitting, this is very difficult if the enemies have snipers who use spot assist (which they will).

Go for one shot, one kill – patience is the key

Before you fire off the rifle make sure you have a clear shot and whenever possible go for the head shot to ensure you take out the enemy with one shot. Patience is the key here but the more you train yourself on headshots the faster you’ll become at taking those shots.

These are just some tips I use when playing the recon class and there are loads more available online. Yes it’s very easy to sit and camp throughout all the maps but that does get boring and it really doesn’t unleash the full potential of the sniper.

Got some recon tips?

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    1. I prefer playing recon with the M1 as I run and gun more than snipe. The other night I used a motion mine while inside the building with the crate and spotted several defenders who rushed to defuse. I knew exactly where they were coming from 🙂

    2. Gavin says:

      I have to try and use the M1 more but I do prefer the handgun when doing the run & gun. Motion mines are brilliant for that tactic so I keep them for the M-COM’s.

    3. David Nicol says:

      Great post, how many snipers (not recon) will read it….

      but anyway, some extra snipey/recon tips. If you line up the rifle shot and get a hit marker, without changing aim position, switch to pistol and exploit the game mechanics for the kill. Same for if you get close up, use your sniper rifle for the first shot then switch to the pistol. If you get lucky with the first shot you won’t need the pistol, but even winging an opponent with it will greatly increase your chances of winning with the pistol.

      According to BadCompany2Training on YouTube, mortar strikes no longer damage M-Com stations directly – post patch.

      And don’t forget to spot, spot, spot (I know you’ve already said that…)

    4. Gavin says:

      Ah, I must try the pistol switch and see what happens.

      I’ll also echo not to forget to spot, spot, spot! By the way, did you know about spotting with the assault class? I’m working on a video at the moment for it.

    5. David Nicol says:

      Personally I spot with everything I can. That way, when I miss and get killed, someone else can scoop up the kill and I get some points anyway 😀

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