Back to playing Battlefield 1943

| April 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

I purchased Battlefield 1943 when it was first released and although I haven’t played it in months I’ve started looking at it again.

I’ve always enjoyed playing Battlefield 1943 but to be honest I’m not really that good at it so maybe this is why I haven’t played much of it at all. I love the planes in this game although I can’t fly for shit so I usually get shot down in a dog fight or fly directly into a mountain (which is always funny).

Only recently I decided to jump back into it to try and complete the last achievement I need, play 100 matches. I’m glad I did jump back to it as it’s still a great little game to play and I’m amazed to see that it still has a lot of players online so it’s not like you are thrown into empty servers like we see in Bad Company 2.

I still have another 37 matches to complete so if you have this on Xbox 360 then lets jump on it and have a laugh.

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    1. Donncha says:

      Might join you in a game some time. I haven’t played it in a while but Dvotee has it too so we could get a few of us in there!

    2. Gavin says:

      Donncha, sorry I never replied to your comment but for some reason this site isnt emaling me the times that you do comment 🙁 I’ll get that sorted.

      Yeah would be good to get some of us on this for a bit of laugh. We must arrange an evening when we are all free.

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