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I had been meaning to draft this up when Battlefield 3 was first released so this post is long overdue and hopefully not too long.

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Before Battlefield 3 was even released I had set myself up to dislike this game. Not only did I know this was going to be very different than Battlefield Bad Company but I also find it really disappointing getting hyped for a new game only for it to be completely shite.

I’m glad I did and not because I dont like Battlefield 3 but more to do with the technical issues. I dont want to get bogged down on the issues so I’ll just discuss the 3 different play modes within the game.

Battlefield 3 Single Player Campaign

Dice hyped the campaign so much to make it look really awesome but to be honest its was all a bit “meh” for me. Visually it look great but I got bored of the story line quickly.

The actual condition of the single player was very shabby. The game would freeze during auto-save points which ruined the atmosphere of the overall campaign. The audio glithces were also awful, the sound would cut out for 2 or 3 minutes, again ruining the game.

For me the single player of Battlefield 3 was extremely poor quality for the simple reason of the above mentioned bugs.

Battlefield 3 Co-Op

This was a vast improvement from the single player campaign and I’m glad it was added. Even though it was short (not a complaint) it was really fun to play from start to finish. I had a great laugh with a friend as we experimented with all the weapons available in each mission.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

I think every Battlefield fan knows this game comes down to the on-line play and nothing else matters. I’ve so far clocked up over 60 hours under two different profiles so for me that means something.

Its very difficult for me to say everything that I feel about the game as there is just too much to say, good and bad. So really to make it short and sweet here are two things that I will say about Battlefield 3 multiplayer:

Playing competivily

Every single person on my friends list plays Battlefield to win. At the moment though its difficult to do in Battlefield 3 because its a new game and plus we’ve no option for private matches (team stacking is boring).

Yeah a boat load of Battlefield veterans already know the in’s & out’s to winning a match in Battlefield but the new players, they’ve no idea. Given enough time though this will improve as new players learn more and more about the game but there again it might not improve if Battlefield Bad Company 2 is anything to go by. People have quickly forgotten that not every player in BFBC2 did PTFO.

Play like a noob

I have a 2nd solider created that is simply to be used for being a complete noob. This is the guy I use to learn how to fly or use certain weapons. You know the guy I’m talking about, that random blueberry. On this profile I play as lonewolf and even though I do play the objective I’m not bothered if we loose the match or even how I die.

So far I have had more fun playing with my noob profile than I have with my so-called competitive profile. I have had less rage and have been able to laugh off most of my deaths. I guess I should just switch my play style to enjoy Battlefield 3 even more.

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    1. Get out of it! You’re playing Skyrim and Saints Row these days, as am I. Haven’t touched BF3 in over a week and to tell the truth not missing it much either. 🙁

    2. Dvotee says:

      There seems to be a lot of people who share your thoughts about BF3, me included.

      I just can’t seem to ‘get into it’ which is so annoying as I really wanted this to be the game that I would play constantly but they way it’s looking Skyrim ftw 😉

      I played 2 nights ago but was raging by the end – stoopid game haha!

    3. Gavin says:

      I refuse to play any game that makes me rage from now on, damn that train sim anyway!

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