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For someone who doesn’t really like RPG games, hasnt got my time for SCI-FI and thought Mass Effect would be boring I sure am enjoying playing these.

Mass Effect 2

I previously mentioned how I started playing the first Mass Effect game, one of the first games that I owned on the Xbox 360. I’ve now complete the story line and thought it was excellent and yes I did forget to write a games review on it.

Now though I’ve started playing Mass Effect 2 and after playing for 4 hours last night I can say that I’m really enjoying this. The story is a continuation of the last Mass Effect and your character can be imported from a previous save. Although I don’t see related stats my character does look the same but just a little older looking.

The graphics and sound for Mass Effect 2 are excellent but some folks that I’ve spoken to prefer the visuals in the first game. Some of the weapons are also different and give a feel that they are packing a punch which to me is really important with any game that involves shooting.

I really want to complete Mass Effect 2 before the release of Battlefield 3 because it could end up going to the bottom of my game pile as I’ve already experienced after getting BFBC2. So trying to complete ME2 and record a let’s play series of Brothers in Arms before Oct 28 is becoming really difficult.

Here is an old trailer for Mass Effect 2 back in 2009:



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