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| January 3, 2012 | 2 Comments

I probably would have skipped buying Skyrim as I’m not really a big RPG fan but due to one of close friends being a major gaming nerd and a huge Oblivion fan he managed to convince me to buying Skyrim on day of release.


Even though I said I’m not a fan of role playing games I have enjoyed the likes of the fable series and Mass Effect. With Skyrim though, I’ve loved it to the point that I had to stop myself from playing. I found that I was spending so much time in Skyrim within the first week of release that it was starting to interfere with my work life. When a game gets like that for me I soon knock it on the head.

If I hadn’t had any other new releases to play I probably would still continue on with Skyrim but as I’m currently playing Battlefield 3, Saints Row The Third and a few others my time really is restricted.

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    1. Dvotee says:

      Well as you know I’m now playing Skyrim and am totally addicted to it but I wont go into too much as I am planning a lil ol’ post of my own.

      Jusy wish there was at least a co-op or something as playing this with a friend in some form would be ‘freakin’ awesome.

      Hopefully you’ll pick it up again sometime soon mate.

    2. Gavin says:

      I’ve been loving that Skyrim that much I was falling into a dark hole that would have consumed my life lol. Its a pity there was no co-op with this, its actually the only thing missing from the game.

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