Fingers crossed for Homefront

| March 14, 2011 | 3 Comments

I’m very selective when it comes to the games that I play and to be honest there isn’t many out there that appeal to me.

With me being so damn choosy it’s not often I’ll get to see a new game release that I look forward to, maybe 2 or 3 a year. I’m even more selective when it comes to first person shooters. I only like war type shooters, I mean those based on events that happened or could happen with real life type weapons (to an extent). The old Medal of Honor games were probably my favourite as I love the history behind the old World Wars but unfortunately the new Medal of Honor was a major let down (just another CoD wanna be). Bad Company? Now that’s different altogether and you probably already know it’s one of the best FPS’s I play.

When I first read about Homefront last year I immediately said that I would buy it as it sounded like my type of game. Even though I previously asked if Homefront was another Call of Duty I’ve stopped watching any trailers or other people’s opinions on the game until I actually play it myself so I can base my own opinion.

If you really, really want to see more in-depth coverage of Homefront then take a look at the walk through guides that are being uploaded by RydarGames. I’m trying my best not to watch any of these, major spoilers.

I want Homefront to be a great game. I could care less if it’s not Call of Duty or Bad Company in fact I would rather it be nothing like these games as I’ve played these already and want something different so fingers crossed.

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    1. Donncha says:

      God, I watched the 7 minutes of the first part. Had to stop watching when that child started crying.

      With Coyno and Dvotee buying this, and you too, I might get it on Xbox if reviews (and you guys) are positive about it.

    2. Dvotee says:

      Yes I’m gonna buy it but hey apart from not that long on MW2 and now hugely into BF I need to spread out and try some other FPS. This being the first major one that appeals I’m defo gonna give it a go thats for sure.

    3. Gavin says:

      @Donncha I never watched of those so I never heard any crying lol. I’m going to try and record some footage to upload when I get it, hopefully I take a look at the multi-player first which is something I never do.

      @Dvotee MW2 & BC2 are probably the biggest war shooters out there so lets see if it can run with the big boys. I hope it does.

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