Operation Flashpoint Red River due out this month

| April 2, 2011 | 3 Comments

The new Operation Flash Point Red River by Codemasters is due out April 21 and I have to admit that I’m tempted in buying this one.

I already own Operation Flash Point Dragon Rising and although I wasn’t overly impressed it was actually very different to any of the first person shooters we’ve been seeing over the past couple of years, simply copies of one another.

Operation Flash Point isn’t the type of game where you can run down a field blasting your weapon in hope of taking out all the bad guys which is something that I’ve tried. It’s far from it, this game is more tactical where you need to think first before moving and firing which really does make it different than the other shooters that I’ve played.

The graphics certainly look better than the previous Operation Flash Point so I do hope the game play will be just as good if not better.

Video Trailer

Game Description

Between Afghanistan and China, the world’s next flashpoint is about to erupt. The valleys, towns and mountains of Tajikistan will become bloody frontlines for the might of the People’s Liberation Army, insurgent guerrilla fighters and the United States Marine Corps.

You and your fireteam can make a difference. How much is up to you. It’s not the soldier with the most expensive gun or the biggest heart who wins on the battlefield. It’s the smartest. Semper Fi, Marine.

Game Features

  • Go closer to the experience of the US Marines on campaign with the ultimate tactical infantry shooter
  • Stand together with 4 player drop-in drop-out online co-op multiplayer in campaign mode and standalone Fire Team Engagements
  • Become immersed in an engrossing narrative which unfolds over three acts in campaign mode
  • Play as Grenadier, Scout, Rifleman and Automatic Rifleman classes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses for increased replayability
  • Earn and spend XP on weapons, attachments and abilities for each of the fireteam’s specialists
  • Call in Combat Support such as Mortars, Howitzers and JDAMs, whilst AH-1Z Helicopters and A-10 Ground Attack Aircraft provide Close Air Support
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    1. I have Dragon Rising on Xbox and PC. Played it for a few hours on Xbox and enjoyed it but then I got into multiplayer shooters and left it far behind. I’d like to get back into it though as the strategy element in it was so different to any other single player game I played.

      Did you try the multiplayer? I tried it twice and both sucked, hardly played at all by anyone I think.

    2. Gavin says:

      Yeah I know what you mean about it getting left behind because of other multiplayer shooters, it was the same with me but as you said the strategy element was very different to the others. I still have a few achievements to get so I might jump back to it soon.

      I never did get to play the multiplayer. I did hear that a lot of people hated it and some are actually put off from buying Red River.

    3. Donncha says:

      And I traded in a few games, including this one on Xbox 360 for Little Big Planet 2 today 🙂

      I still have it on PC though I don’t think I even finished one level on that platform. Damn, hope I can find a manual for it on Steam somewhere!

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