Perverts & Blackmailers on Xbox Live

| October 26, 2010 | 2 Comments

My girlfriend was playing Fable 2 the other night when out of the blue she got a message on Xbox live from someone random. The person requested a photo of her feet and although this made me laugh she was freaked out.

If that wasn’t enough the person continued to send her messages demanding that she send a photo of her feet or have her Xbox Live account hacked, she really started freaking out over this.

So how do you deal with perverts and threats on Xbox Live?

The first thing you should is to prevent such idiots from contacting you in the first place. Configure your profile so that it’s set to private. Read Microsoft’s Online safety and privacy and follow the instructions under Online Safety settings.

Block your profile and communications from people who are not on your contact list or simply just block everyone.

If you do get harassed on Xbox Live do not reply to any messages, this will only encourage them to keep contacting you. Keep all messages received and file a complaint via their profile, block them and then contact Microsoft directly. You can contact Microsoft via email or phone.

Some people tend to think that Microsoft don’t chase complaints about abusers on Xbox Live but they do, you simply need to chase them up via their support lines and make sure something is done as its their obligation to protect their users.

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    1. Donncha says:

      That’s sick! Hope it doesn’t put your girlfriend off playing games!

      I didn’t know about those contact settings, I get the occasional odd spam message so I’m going to block messages from strangers too.

    2. Gavin says:

      Thankfully not but it would have been different if I wasn’t there to advise her. Makes me wonder how many people fall for things like this as not everyone is experienced in dealing with idiots like that.

      As for the contact settings, they are very handy. I’ve had mine in total lock down for a while only allowing my contacts to message me.

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