The penny finally drops with Anonymous

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Interesting reading material circulating the Anonymous circle about their attacks on the PSN.

Whoever in Anonymous came up with the idea to attack PlayStation Network really has to be thick as two planks. It doesn’t take a genius to realise its not Sony they are hurting its the PSN users.

Anyhow, the penny has finally dropped within Anonymous and the below was posted on

Hello gentlemen.

OpSony, as presently being conducted, is ineffective and possibly counterproductive. Our goal is to demonstrate to Sony that attempting to prevent their customers from doing as they wish with hardware they’ve purchased is not acceptable behavior.

Attacking a single store website, a website that is used by Sony’s users, does not further the objective. Attempts to disrupt PSN also serve no purpose but to deny services to Sony users, the persons that we’re trying to help. A significant number of them already see custom firmware as a means only to cheat or otherwise disrupt game play. By disrupting services to PlayStation users, we are disrupting game play, and therefore proving right those who say that Geohot’s efforts represent a problem. We must act in a way that sends a message directly to management with no negative impact on Sony users, and therefore the target must be corporate infrastructure

There have also been rumors that Sony Recon is attempting to act against the families of Sony management. This is a most rash and foolhardy approach. Children of Sony executives very likely own PS3s, and of all the executives, it is likely that at least one has a kid who’s into Linux and therefore irritated when “Other OS” was removed. By personally targeting a group that could contain such an individual, Sony Recon eliminates any possibility of that person opposing Sony’s actions.

The operation does not necessarily need to directly benefit Sony customers. It is, however, imperative that the services those customers use are not disrupted by the operation. As stated above, this leaves internal corporate infrastructure, such as or corporate mail servers, as the logical target. This disrupts a service used only by those to whom we wish to send a message, not those who we hope might share our views. is probably the best target for our lazer forces. However, there are two relatively large blocks of addresses used by Sony identified so far. It would be helpful for Anons to ping sweep these blocks and resolve them to domain names. The information of what servers exist here would be very helpful to a person attempting a more targeted attack. The blocks are (removed) . In CIDR notation, these are roughly (removed) and (removed). Nmap, fping, and Superscan can all be used to ping sweep.

As a final note, do not expect George Hotz himself to acknowledge the operation in any way. If asked about it in public, he has no choice but to condemn it. The reasons for this should be obvious.

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