Bad Company 2 Map Pack 7 Release Date

| November 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

As you probably know there has been no official release date for the Bad Company 2 Map Pack 7. Dice have remained very tight lipped about when its due but have they dropped us a hint on their twitter profile?

We already know that Harvest Day is a map from the first Bad Company that is being merged into this new map pack but I believe this is our release date and from reading the comments on their blog post it looks that many have missed their clue.

Harvest day occurs on the 4th Thursday in November which is Thanksgiving Day, next week! Hopefully it is next week as I’m already bored playing Call of Duty Black Ops, it’s a good game but it’s no Bad Company.

*edit* so yeah I got this one wrong as the release of MP7 was later than Thanksgiving day.

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