BF3 Patch For PS3 – Nov 2011

| November 29, 2011 | 1 Comment

Dice have announced the first major BF3 patch is due to be deployed for the PS3 tomorrow, Wed 30th Nov at 09:00 CET  (approx 8am GMT). This is the patch the PC folks have already received.

One of the most needed fixes for Battlefield 3 on the PS3 is for the comms which has not made the fix list unfortunatley. There is also the aiming issue or controller lag that people are experiencing that hasnt made the list but thankfully for me this is something I havent had a problem with.

Instead of me listing everything in the patch here are some of the fixes that I am glad to see:

  • Added round duration and ticket summary at end of round screen
  • Fixed and issue with some weapons’ sounds in first person view
  • Spawn protection now should work in Conquest so you no longer should spawn too close to enemies
  •  Spotting VO now plays when spotting from MAV/EOD bot
  • Fixed several issues regarding the kill card, including showing wrong weapons used for the kill
  • Fixed that sometimes you would be stuck on a black screen when kicked from server
  • You should now be able to spot explosives
  • Damage from bullets will now continue to cause damage even after the firing user is dead
  • Fixed several client crashes

If you haven’t seen the full list of fixes for tomorrow’s patch they are listed here in the Battlelog.

At the moment I’m not concerned about nerfing weapons. The technical problems and stability of the game is more important for me.

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    1. robin says:

      is anyone else having problems downloading the update? my ps3 just stops downloading at some random point every time

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