Have you downloaded PS3 Jailbreak? Time to panic

| March 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

If you are the one of many who has downloaded the Jailbreak for the PS3 then it might be time to shite yourself. As you probably know Sony are doing their best in hitting back at the creator of Jailbreak, George Hotz.

Now I’m not going to say that I support either Sony or Hotz regarding the mess he has gotten himself into (he really shouldn’t have published the crack) but something that I don’t agree on is the data that Sony gathering.

So far Sony have been granted permission to access all the IP addresses of the people who visited Hotz’s website which is hosted by www.bluehost.com and downloaded the jailbreak.zip file.

Sony have now gone after Google to obtain the IP’s of those who watched Hotz’s YouTube video on hacking the PS3 with Jailbreak and the user details of those who left comments on that video.

Sony gave two reasons why they want this information:

  • To prove the “defendant’s distribution” of the hack
  • To prove the majority of downloaders are from Northern California where Sony want to have the court case battle.

I can understand (even though I don’t like it) the two reasons why Sony would want this information but let’s face it Sony will not stop at Hotz.

I’ve a funny feeling Sony is going to start chasing down those who have downloaded the file and also hit them with a lawsuit (even those outside of the U.S.). It will probably become similar to what has been happening with those who have been caught/blamed for illegal file sharing.

Just to point out

I hate the fact that Sony or any other company are able to obtain the IP addresses and user details of people who visit a website or even watch a video on YouTube. Not only is it a major privacy concern but the past witch hunts with illegal file sharers has proven some of the companies involved are very aggressive but can also accuse someone who isn’t actually guilty of anything.

If you have downloaded the jailbreak.zip file then expect a nasty legal letter through your door as I don’t doubt for one second Sony is going to ignore the fact that you did.

Full news story: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/03/geohot-site-unmasking/

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    1. Gavin says:

      That’s true Donncha but these days its not difficult for a company to obtain that information from an ISP via the courts, in the U.S. anyway. Hasn’t Ireland signed a digital bill in regards to ISP’s and piracy? I haven’t done my homework yet in that subject 🙂

    2. Donncha says:

      They might get your IP address but they’d still have to sue your ISP to get your name and address. ‘Course it’ll be easy for them to get Californian IPs. Nasty.

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