Is Homefront Another Call of Duty?

| February 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

Ever since I heard about Homefront last year I’ve been looking forward to the release of this game, due out this March.  I haven’t followed much news about this new FPS, I don’t like to have an opinion on games before I actually play them but I have seen an interview with one of the game dev’s on Homefront which made me think a bit more about this new game.

Homefront has been described to me as a mix between Call of Duty, Bad Company, MoH and even MAG, keep in mind by someone who hasn’t event played Homefront yet. If this is the case then it’s a bit disappointing that dev’s are simply making a rehash of different games, where is the originality these days? Ok COD is a huge market and I’m sure every game dev and publisher wants a slice of that cake, which explains the lack of originality and imagination but the big question here is, will Homefront be better than Call of Duty, Bad Company and MAG? Let’s hope so. has done a great article covering how the Multiplayer will work in Homefront. If you play COD or Bad Company you will noticed the similarities which if you like both games this could really be a good thing.

It’s difficult to get a real sense of a game will look from a trailer, usually fluffed to make the game look good. So I’ve dug around YouTube a bit and found this very short Homefront game play video on the IGN channel:

Will you be buying Homefront?

So it may lack originality but as I like COD and love Bad Company then maybe, just maybe, Homefront will be a winner for me. I’m still going to buy Homefront as I like FPS war games but now I need to decide what console to buy it for, PS3 or Xbox?

Homefront is due to be released on Mar 11, 2011

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    1. Paul says:

      OMG I see what you mean. Too me it looks more like COD with the added tanks etc.

      Certainly one to keep an eye on thats for sure and hopefully more will come to the fore very soon.

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