Like the new Xbox 360 Dashboard Update?

| October 11, 2010 | 4 Comments

Microsoft is set to roll out the new Xbox360 dashboard at the start of November and although I think it looks sleek I prefer the current one.

Here’s a video showing the new dashboard to be rolled out in a few weeks time.

Video was removed from YouTube.

What’s your thoughts on the new Xbox360 dashboard design? Love it or hate?Xbox 360 Logo

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    1. Aidan Finn says:

      Is it just me or does it look quite similar to the old interface?

    2. Gavin says:

      I was actually trying to think what the old dash looked like. I must look it up on Youtube.

      Love the email address BTW lol.

    3. Tiamos Loren says:

      Just so you know, the YT link to the video is broken on this now. The account that posted this video seems to have got itself terminated.

    4. Gavin says:

      Thanks Tiamos, removed from post 😉

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