New Battlefield DLC Announced

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Dice have finally announced the release of their DLC for Battlefield 3 and its coming in 3 different packs spaced out over a number of months.

The official announcement on their blogs states:

  • Battlefield 3: Close Quarters to be made available in June
  • Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill due out autumn
  • Battlefield 3: End Game due out winter

I wasn’t really fussed about wanting new DLC for Battlefield 3 as I was more interested in them fixing the bugs etc announced on their large patch list but here is my thoughts on the announcement.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

I’ve no interest in this DLC with it being infantry only. It’s located inside an office block and they say it has HD destruction (HD?), don’t get too excited for the destruction as we all know destruction in BF3 was toned down compared to BFBC2.

Here’s a short clip with gameplay footage of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters. If you can’t see the video here is a direct link.

Reading the EA forums there seems to be a of people angry about this DLC and are comparing it to CoD. I could careless for it but going by that video its starting to look like a CoD map.

Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill

Now this is more up my street. It will have new tanks and other vehicles such as ATV’s. The only thing that’s keep me interested in playing Battlefield 3 is the tanks. I’ve always been a fan of the tanks and would consider myself to be a good tank driver, not the best but good enough that keeps me driving them.

Battlefield 3: End Game

No information has been released about this one but with the name like End Game I can only assume this will be final DLC for Battlefield 3. Does that mean BF4 is next? Ha! only time will tell.

Private Servers

The biggest part of this announcement that really interests me is the possibility of private servers for the consoles. A lot of us have wanted this from the start and fact is the community was raged when we discovered private servers were not part of Battlefield 3.

This time though Dice/EA is planning on something different, customised servers like they have on the PC platform. This means consoles players can customise their servers to have certain rules, maps and probably even weapons. The downside? You’ll have to rent the servers. No prices or estimated release dates have been given.

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