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This is still my favourite and most played console game even if I do rant a lot about lag, noobs and wankers with their cheap tactics. If you are on my Xbox or PS3 friends list you may have noticed that I have been slowly fading away from BFBC2. Am I finished with it? Diffidently not, this game still has a lot of hours left in it, at least until Battlefield 3 is released.

So where am I with Bad Company 2? Probably best I break this post down into two sections, one for the PS3 and one for the Xbox.

Bad Company 2 on my PS3 profile

I’ve finally reached level 50 with my PS3 profile with approx 387hr game time. I have to say it wasn’t easy as for the most part I ran as lonewolf without being in a squad. If I was put into a lazy squad I would simply quit the squad and be a one man band.

Here are some of my stats for the PS3 profile, click it for a more detailed look.


As you can see I have most points as a wookie. I didn’t do much sniping with this profile (only to collect gold stars for each rifle) as for most part I was up in the thick of the action with the the 870 Combat shotgun. When I reached level 40 I only used the wookie class to counteract level 50’s who would spam the maps with monition mines or would be constantly no/quick scoping (the 870 Combat is a great counter measure for these guys).

From level 40 on I used either the engineer kit or assault with the plan to plat as many weapons as possible. 1000 kills on each weapon is a lot of hard work!

I haven’t played BFBC2 lately on the PS3 as I am concentrating on my xbox profile at the moment. Actually, the last time I played on the PS3 was for the AT4 community challenge which you can see my two videos of here and here (if you haven’t seen them already).

Bad Company 2 on my Xbox 360 profile

I first started playing BFBC2 on the Xbox 360 and will admit that I was completely a shite player. My stats were dreadful and I simply couldn’t use the Xbox controller for this game – I still prefer the PS3 controller.

Now that I have completed my Level 50 on the PS3 I’m spending more time concentrating on my xbox profile (see below stats).


As you can see these stats are not good. After 218hrs of game play I’m only a level 37 with top class being wookie and my top gun being the M95…UGH! I’m done using the M95 and try my best to stay away from being a wookie so hopefully these stats will change very soon.

My K/D was recently all negative but I’ve been able to fix that for the Assault, Engineer and Wookie class to get them back into the green.

I still have a lot of silver and gold medals to achieve on each weapon but recently I did complete all the Pins and Insiginias.

If you are not on my friends list for this game feel free to add me: drunkindunkin

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