Xbox 720 Details Leaked On-line

| June 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

A 56 page PowerPoint slide was leaked on-line providing inside details of the new Xbox 720. It briefly appeared on but was removed at the request from Microsoft’s lawyers.

The best article I was pointed to for the news of the leak was written by Paul Thurrott of who writes about everything Microsoft related. Paul mentions although the leaked PowerPoint slide referenced the name of the new console as Xbox 720 he does however state that his sources claim Microsoft will never use that name but yet he still believes the leak was authentic.

I’ll not bother mentioning everything that was leaked in the presentation as Paul Thurrott’s article has already dissected the details a lot better than I could but here is just something I’m thinking about after reading his article.

Background DVR – It will have a built-in video recording device but is going to allow gamers to record their gameplay? We already know most Xbox gamers want this feature instead of having to buy a separate HD-PVR.

Web integration – I’ve always wondered why MS never shipped their Xbox 360’s with a web browser but now it will be standard. They are a bit late with this considering how popular web browsing is with PS3 owners, a chunk of visitors to use the PS3 browser.

Blu-Ray – again late to the game with this feature but at least now the PS3 fanboys cant use this as an argument when it comes to the console wars.

Although there is loads more features detailed in the presentation (read Paul’s article) the above was something I always wanted to see in the Xbox. Unfortunately its a bit late considering my consoles do nothing but gather dust these days.


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