Bad Company 2 vs Modern Warfare 2

| April 22, 2010 | 5 Comments

No matter where you look everyone is fighting over which is the better game and it gets to the point of people flinging nasty insults. It’s beyond sitting back enjoying the games; it’s full out rivalry for some players.

Take a quick look over at the Xbox forums and it won’t take long until you find a thread with users bitching about which is the better game, this thread is a perfect example which was quickly locked by the forum mods.

It’s actually funny reading some of the negative point’s people make when comparing which is the better game when you can really see the same problem with both games i.e. spawn campers.

So what is better BC2 or COD?

Both games are entirely different, yes they are shooters but it’s like comparing apples to oranges making any arguments about which is the better game sound stupid.

I personally like Bad Company over Call of Duty but don’t get me wrong I still love playing COD.

Which game do you prefer, Bad Company 2 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare2?

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    1. Donncha says:

      Definitely BC2. Have hardly played MW2 since it came out, and only played the new maps once or twice!

    2. Gavin says:

      I spent a couple of weeks on MW2 when it first came out then it simply became a dash & slash type game. Good at first but I found it wasn’t really much of a challenge.

    3. Can’t wait to get this! I can feel a sick day coming so I can stay home from work and waste time playing this.

    4. Tiamos Loren says:

      Only played BC2, so can’t really voice an opinion on this, but have you noticed nobody talks about Halo in these kinds of circles? Or Borderlands? Or Gears of War? Each is (probably) a respectable FPS in it’s own right and has many followers of their games (I only recently got back into Halo following the slightly less recent purchase of my 360), so why are there never discussions around these other games? I don’t really see why these games have fewer arguments about what is meant to be better or worse than them and the big fight seems to be typically about these two games. Most try to play them all from what I can tell and it’s simply a preference when you decide which you’ll actually buy the sequel of, which means this group of keyboard warriors are actually a minority.

      Part of me likes to believe that those minority that like to compete and claim their game is the best are simply that – a minority of people who have more than likely only ever played one game and suddenly find it the best thing they’ve ever touched, and fall victim to the clichés that one game is instantly better than the other. But I know that people don’t just dedicate their game time to only one game – they try a variety if they can. So who are this minority at the end of the day? People who have chosen their preference in playing style and refuse to accept there are people out there who can accept the other gaming style, simply because they cannot play in that style of environment.

      It’s ultimately all down to preference – it’s like comparing Ridge Racer to Gran Turismo, or Project Gotham Racing to Forza Motorsport. One is an arcade simulation designed for fun and amusement (think of this as your everyday Call of Duty, if you like, with some pieces being indestructible in the game to keep things solid level-wise) while the other is dedicated to having more realism and being as authentic as possible to how real world situations could occur (to this, you might relate more with Battlefield, through destructive environments and the evolution of better gear and equipment as ranks rise). There’s no real middle ground to compare them over since they’re basically too far apart to compare (yes, they’re FPS war games with guns, but the similarities end there from what I see), so how can you compare something that has so little in common with each other?

      Personally I’m happy enough being a gamer. Keyboard warriors isn’t for me.

    5. Gavin says:

      Wow Tiamos you’ve been busy! I guess why you don’t hear much comparison with Halo etc as it comes down to the actual fan base and how the interact with other gamers. I don’t think I have seen any Halo fans come out and say its the best game and such and such is crap! Is it because Halo fans are more mature? The guys I know of are.

      As you said it comes down to preference, heck I’ll play most games to see if I enjoy it or not. Take a look at my games on Xbox, its a diverse range of games.

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