Multiplayer Issues With Red Dead Redemption

| June 4, 2010 | 46 Comments

I’ve been holding off writing this post and doing a review of Red Dead Redemption due to some issues I’m having getting onto the multi-player. Now that Rockstar have officially admitted a “bug” which has yet to be fixed I figured I may as well get this one over with and move on.

I have been very patient with Rockstar and their delayed response to the connection issue but when a company fails to openly communicate with their community it really pisses me off.  It pisses me off even more when the problem can’t be fixed.

Error message with Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer

Whenever you try and access the Multiplayer free roam session the following error comes up:

“ALERT You were removed from your session and returned to Free Roam due to connection issues with other players.”

You are then placed back into a loading screen and nothing else happens. From here you can’t go back or get out of the load screen so the only way out is to the Xbox dashboard (this is really annoying).

What Rockstar suggested

Back on May 20th, a day before the Ireland/UK release date of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar announced they were aware of an issue with the online multi-player and had released the first patch for the game which I did install.

Hidden in the middle of hundreds of comments they suggested if people were still having connection problems then have a friend invite you into a game and all should be well. Well I tried this and managed to get into a game which only lasted for 15 minutes until I got kicked with the same annoying message as above.

They also suggested sending an email to [email protected]  with some details about the console, gamertag. I did this on May 22nd and it wasn’t until 1st June that I got the typical canned response:

Sorry you were having this problem.

We are currently looking into the issue, and hope to have a resolution soon as possible.
Thanks for contacting us. We appreciate your patience.
R* Support

The Xbox community are more helpful than Rockstar

Ouch! But it is true. You only have to turn to the Xbox forums to see how other community members are trying to help, see this one thread for an example.  I’ve started posting in there also but not to troubleshoot the problem but to offer my own findings in hope that it will help.

Here is the only help Rockstar has provided us customers via their latest news update:

We are aware that there are still some of you out there experiencing issues with Red Dead Redemption, including multiplayer connectivity and getting the Mo Van Barr bounty.   We are currently testing a Red Dead Redemption title update for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that aims to fix these and other items.  Due to the unpredictable nature of the testing and console manufacturer submission process, we cannot pin down a very specific date and time, but we do expect this to be released for download for both systems by the end of next week

In other words, dont hold your breath for this update and even though it only took us less than 2 days to release the first patch we are really clueless about this one.

Two Xboxes on the same network

I’ve tested this problem with two different Xboxes connected to my home network and strangely enough one does work with no problems but the other fails each time. I’ve also tested with just one xbox connected but the connection problem still occurs.

It’s been suggested by the xbox forums that I try clearing the cache on the problematic xbox which I have yet to do. I may give this a shot later this evening but as I’ve bought other games I think Red Dead Redemption is going to start gathering dust.

Its a real shame that company that creates so much hype for their games cant keep up with problems that do arise (which will always happen). One tip for Rockstar, at least communicate with the community and stop with the canned responses.

Are you also having problems trying to connect to a multi-player match in Red Dead Redemption? If so, drop a comment below.

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    1. JustPrownage says:

      Yeah, this happens to me also…after that message Alert thing pops up, I tried waiting but it just keeps on loading.

    2. james says:

      I too have had the same problem. i’ve only played the game for two hours and tried mutliplayer for about 10 minutes, but it’s pretty frustarating. If it wasn’t for the singleplayer I probably would have done something crazy and not have been able to get a refund.

    3. Rephlexion says:

      Yeah, this is now officially ridiculous. The same engine had the same problems in GTA4, and now they haven’t even managed to figure it out the second time around. I’d complain to them, but it wouldn’t do anything. All I can say is… FIX IT!

    4. Brandon says:

      Ever since I got the game on June 1st. I’ve had this problem, I can get into games but, after a good 15 minutes to an hour it boots me and gives me the annoying message then loads forever. I just now got to play a good 2 hours of multiplayer today before it booted me. They had better release a patch. I feel so ripped off right now.

    5. Tom says:

      I had the same issue as noted above. I actually found a fix for my connection problem. It worked for me, so I’d thought to share in case it will work for others. I started by hooking my xbox directly up to my modem (instead of through my router). The game connected flawlessly 3 times in a row. So then I used a newer model of a linksys router than my previous one and now I can connect perfectly into each public game. I haven’t had a problem since. So check to see if its your router, because I’m concluding that maybe older router models conflicts with this game.

    6. Paul aka Catsick Soup says:

      I have this issue too. STrange but when i first bought it, i was able to play multiplsyer mode a few times. I bought it about 2 weeks after release. I wonder if its a caching issue? Either way, im loving the single player mode – its an amazin game. Try to hold off on the slaggins until we know what causes it 😉

    7. Gavin says:

      Tom, glad to hear that you got it working but there should be no reason why us gamers need to buy a new router just to play a single game online. This a developer problem at Rockstars end, its down to them to fix it or loose customers.

    8. Jim says:

      Unfortunately, I completely agree with Gavin. While that’s great that Tom has found a way for it to work for him, it should NEVER be up to the customer to spend more money simply to fix a problem that is created by the original product. It’s poor business and shows a lack of respect (in my opinion) toward the customers.

      I am one of the unfortunate who purchased the game solely for the online multiplayer feature. This was so that I could play with a very close friend of mine and fellow Air Force member who is currently stationed in Italy. Not only does this piss us both off, but it also puts a HUGE bullet hole in my already waning faith in Rockstar. I’ve never been overly impressed with their games and made it a habit to question myself before purchasing anything produced by them. I bought this game thinking it would be an exception due to the stink everyone was making over it, which I believe it could have been. But now, due to Rockstar’s lack of effort in fixing the issue, they are very quickly losing whatever respect I had.

      Regardless of how I feel about Rockstar and their games, the issue still comes down to communication. And this is another valid point our friend Gavin has made that I wholeheartedly agree with. Maybe they ARE putting a lot of effort into fixing this issue. Maybe they ARE spending a lot of time and money on it. BUT HOW DO WE KNOW THAT??

      They seem to have failed to realize the key to success in game production is to communicate with your customer audience. Whether it’s in testing before launch, LISTENING and APPLYING feedback after a beta, or simply TELLING everyone FREQUENTLY that you are working very avidly to fix an ongoing problem with your product! The only conclusion that we as gamers can pull from their lack thereof is that they are NOT trying to fix it and if they are, they really don’t care all that much.

    9. paWLo EL DiaBLo says:

      i have tried clearing the cache did not work this really pisses me off i bought this game to play online with friend bought a year of XBLIVE and now its useless.. thanks a million rockstar for the BS game will they get my 110$ back that i have wasted … doubt it trading this game in tomorrow!

    10. Gerson says:

      I tried going on free roam multiplayer.I don’t get any errors but it loads forever.Thankfully I bought the game for the singleplayer mode but I’m already bored so I wanted to try the multiplayer.
      I thought it might be because I’m sharing my internet connection with 2 other PC’s but other online games work just fine.And now that I see people are having similar problems I really hope they will try and fix it.I might try connecting the xbox directly onto the router but I definitely can’t do it forever.

    11. larry225 says:

      Im having a problem, when I start a mutliplayer i never see any one at all. i have tryed all my other games and they dont have a problem, its just this game. if any one knows how to help please let me know

    12. Dane says:

      The same exact thing happens to me too! But it didn’t happen to me in GTA 4. Red Dead Redemption has way too many bugs and probably needed to get a beta first. (If they did I had no idea). This is about to get worse than Modern Warfare 2!

    13. larry225 says:

      ok i have got an answer for this problem after calling a bunch of people. the problem is your NAT on your modem or router it needs to be a type 2 for DSL and a type 1 for cabel, you can find out what type of NAT you have by doing a network connections test on your PS3. for a DSL fix if you have a type 3 NAT just dial into your modem by entering your modems ip address into the browser and changing an option from private ip address to a public ip address and then chaning your connection option from connect on demand to always connected and that should do it. make sure to unplug your modem and router for 30 seconds after these changes are saved so they can take affect then do another network connections test with your PS3 and NAT should be type 2 and you wont have any problems with this game. i have not had a single problem since i have done this. hope this helps everyone.

    14. Tim says:

      Thank you so much larry225 it worked. I did what you said yesterday and havent had a single problem since, i just got done playing with 10 other players with no problems the entire 2hrs. thanks again

    15. Samukaze says:

      u guys are lucky… u get 10 minutes to an hour of online rdr all i get is freaking 10 to 15 seconds 20 if im lucky….. so iam really pissed off cause if been looking for a solution 2 this problem for days now… i done it all changed my nat reset my console 2 standard delete everything and then re install it but nothing works….. worst job done by R* in online multiplayer history

    16. Matt says:

      I have had the game for 2 – 3 days now and i too get the Alert message.
      I get the message for about 10 lobbies before it actually puts me in one.

      I am actually thinking of getting rid of it because i’m getting so annoyed with it. GTA 4 on the other hand works fine.

      My NAT settings are fine and i have the ports open for Xbox Live (XBL).

      Really hope they sort it out otherwise its a waste of £40

    17. i have the same problem as yu Samukaze… and i’m glad its worked out for you Tim,but Larry225, my NAT type is 2 and i really dont have a clue… this game is so good and i really want to play in a Public free roam… Private gets a little boring because it kicks beating other people online in Public… By the way the new update which came out today still isn’t any help =( … DEPRESSING TIMES =(

    18. Vampire says:

      This always happens to me. With GTA4 and now RDR:/
      PShh…I think its stupid how you can have one friend in your friends list playing while your trying to join and not being able to.
      It pissis me off.
      Hell yea I get jelous…I wanna play live ive already beatn the story.

    19. T-W-Ball says:

      Still happening in the U.K. but with the additional ” removed from access point” message, had I read the forums prior to purchase, I wouldn’t have bought it but “fools rush in” and fools are we one and all for labouring under the misconception that Rockstar give a flying fart about our problems, after all they have had our money and it’s to late now..10 minutes of gameplay and 5 hours of loading screen ain’t so bad.
      we all take pride in our work and sleep soundly after a job well done, Rockstar simply do not care that they are shit at their job, plain and simple, but inevitably what goes around, comes around, Someone somewhere at Rockstar will at some point wish they had done things differently…Sorry guys for banging on but this kind of, what can only be described as inept at best service, does my head in

    20. Ricardo says:

      When I started to play multiplayer i hadn’t this problem but now I have :S It’s really frustrating. I start to play in a game and some minutes after i got kicked out.

    21. FelixXx says:

      This doesn’t happen on PS3.

    22. Jake Perrella says:

      this has happened to me ever since i got the game and it still happens. If this has been fixed someone please tell me, I really don’t want my Legends and killers dlc pack to be an enormous waste.

    23. chunkboydcm says:

      yo , I’ve called MicroSoft, , opened my NAT, all that S%#T. GTA and RDR for Xbox will not let me jump in a free roam room. yea I’m not happy.

    24. KUsH KInGzZ HD says:

      yea im getting pissed because all of my friends are playing a match and wants me to join… vi try to join it give me the message… i say ok… let it load gives me the message agian… ok let it load agian… xbox freezes. >:(

    25. mr. wiggles says:

      Crrraaaaaapppp! can’t connect!! i just got undead nightmare and i can’t show off my new multiplayer characters because of this s**t

    26. nico says:

      FIX!! i had the same problem until i “went on single player, pause, multiplayer,Xboxlive public mode” and it worked!

    27. mindtrix86 says:

      purchased rdr on saturday played free roam with no issues saturday night, sunday night after work i logged into a free roam server and played for about an hour, and have not been able to re-connect since getting the same alert message everyone recieves.

      this may be fine for some people, but im strictly a multiplayer, single player campaigns are boring to me. this is a huge problem, i payed full retail price for a game that gave me one day of satisfaction.

      I have worked in IT for seven years as a network technician, i dont buy the NAT issues… this is a server based problem on R*’s end and they need to invest the time and effort to correct it.

      oh btw, i bought GTA IV the same day as RDR and have the same issue when connecting online as well….. good job rockstar

    28. Utterly pissed PS3 Guy says:

      Hey I just purchased this game 2 days ago. I have having the same problems for my ps3. I have the fastest cable internet you can have, even though my ps3 is wirless, it still should not be the problem.

    29. Krog says:

      i have the problem with GTA and Red dead, i was a big fan of rockstar games, but now they can bite me, gamers pay good money for this (shit, they can go to hell

    30. SupraManMK4 says:

      Me too.

      It only happened occassionally to start with and I thought it was some system that enabled other users to kick you out of a session.

      Finally it wouldn’t go away. I’ve shut down the XBox numerous times and even come back the next morning, still with the same message. All my other on-line games work perfectly.

      I’m off to play Assassin’s Creed….

    31. Marathonguy262 says:

      Okay it is now April 22, 2011, and I am still having this same exact problem. Has there been a solution? This is the most frustrating problem! I am tired of people blaming everything on the ‘NAT’, well my ‘NAT’ is wide open! My security is Wide Open! Any other bright ideas XBox!!!!!!

    32. Wasil says:

      I still have the message connection issues with others popping up. I play in ps3 and region Asia my download speed is 800 kb/s and my nat type is 2. help plz

    33. Matt8807 says:

      I have been having but problems with this game. I cannot connect to a friends invite at all. My NAT settings are all open. So i know it is nothing to do with that. When i do get a game it’s basically just me in an empty lobby.

    34. Tim says:

      I got absolutely fed up and stopped playing.
      I purchased a second (later) model for upstairs.

      My wife tried RDR on it. You guessed, it worked, and hasn’t failed yet.
      The original downstairs model still fails.

      Extremely irritated…

    35. Rad says:

      Same dam problem. Couldn’t get in and tried a couple times then it let me in on the 3rd try. Couple hours later it kicks me and give me the same message, and i can’t get back in…

      I mean really, wtf come on. Really, really annoying.

    36. mogatha says:

      I have ps3, for 2 years this problem never happened! but now suddenly it happens every free roam i go too! THIS IS SO ANOYING!

    37. Dustin says:

      Yes I agree I cant find a game and when I do I get in for 2-3 mins and then the game freezes. I still like this game even though it is old but Rockstar needs to fix this problem. ASAP

    38. Milly says:



      1: I had the problem, persistently.
      2: We got a 2nd XBox in order to play other on-line games together.
      3: I could connect RDR using the new XBox… YIPPEEE
      4: I also discovered that after connecting using the NEW XBox, I could also connect using the OLD XBox

      Very weird, but at least my RDR problem is solved (no thanks to Rockstar)

    39. shotgunne schell says:

      It’s 2012 now, and the problem persists. “You have been returned to freeroam due to connection issues with other players”. Rockstar has done an amazing job of making, what I consider to be, the best multiplayer game out there, and somehow can’t seem to patch the bug that prevents people from connecting consistently. booooooo

    40. Ythomit says:

      I now have 2 Xboxes, both connected via a wireless router. 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs.

      The 1 downstairs works without problem. The 1 upstairs fails consistently with this weird problem.

      I’ve switched them round to eliminate signal strength problems, and the same XBox fails consistently.

      Odd that the one that fails is a later model. Sigh…

    41. Matthew says:

      ihate it when that happens i think its cause you needa [ETHERNET CABLE] to solve that issue but it still takes you off a bit but its just F**ked why does it even do it its retarted i hope it dosent do the same thing on xbox360

    42. Ythomit says:

      Now this is wierd…

      My son simply switched the RDR CDs around.
      The one from the old PS downstairs with the one from the new PS upstairs.

      Now the problem has vanished. RDR is working on Both boxes perfectly :¬O

    43. Joakim says:

      I’m still having this issue. I’ve tried everything in my power to fix it, but it still doesn’t work, halv of my game i bought for 60$ is gone. I have completed everything 100% in singleplayer, but barely anything in multiplayer, so that’s sad. I’m givving up now with the frustration, RDR is dead

    44. Darrian wright says:

      this is still happening, i haven’t been able to play for over 7 months now, it happened at random when i was in the middle of undead overrun and now it wont work. how the hell can something like this go on for so long without any form of patch to fix it

    45. Noah says:

      Connection errors, connection errors everywhere! I haven’t been able to play for a while. Lets hope R* fixes this when GTA V comes out.

    46. Erin says:

      I’ve lost all respect for Rockstar ignoring the problem that plagues us. I have been trying to fix this issue for like… three years?

      Are you kidding me? It’s 2016.



      “Humility before the Lord…” — Undead Dejango.


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