Pistol Man Achievement proving difficult

| April 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

The Pistol Man achievement in Bad Company 2 is becoming a bit of a headache for me and it’s down to a single weapon, the M93R Burst. What a crap gun but there again I have to be doing something wrong as nobody can be missing the target as much as I have been when using the M93R.

M93R Beretta HandgunGetting the Pistol Man achievement involves getting 5 kills with every hand gun in Bad Company 2. I had no problems with the other hand guns, just this crappy M93R Burst.

The M93R Burst is a selective-fire machine pistol made by Beretta. It’s designed for close quarters fighting but no matter how close I stand behind the enemy the bullets never seems to penetrate to give me a kill. This, in turn, allows the enemy to turn around and pop a cap in my ass making me look like a total n00b.

Damn, I have a better kill rate with the engineers repair tool than I do with the M93R and that’s no joke.

I’ve actually found this video on YouTube with the M93R in action of course the guy has to make it look easy and make me feel like a total n00b.

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