Problems with Bad Company 2 Map Pack 7

| December 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Ever since downloading and installing the new patch for Bad Company 2 I’ve been having problems getting into games, either Rush or Conquest. It actually got worse when Map Pack 7 was released and I was unable to get into any of the new maps.

The problem was when I selected a map it would start loading but it wouldn’t go past that next screen where it shows if you’ll be defending or attacking. The loading screen would just sit there and I would have to quit the full game to get out which resulted in restarting my PS3 and sometimes just crashing it.

I trolled the forums seeking anyone with the same problem but had no luck. I even contacted zh1nt0 on twitter but he could only suggest contact EA or Sony, leaving me to believe it wasn’t a wide issue with the patch.

Before contacting EA or Sony for technical assistance I decided to take this on myself. As I’ve worked in IT for over 15 years I hate it when technology gets the better of me.

So if by any chance you have this problem here is what I did, which to be honest should have been the first steps to try:

I deleted the Bad Company 2 game profile from the PS3 and fired up the game disc again. After getting the prompt for the latest update I downloaded and installed the patch. Now the game is working normal again and I can access the new maps….phew!

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    1. JOHN says:

      The problem is that this is made to work properly with a PC. I would consider throwing your trash console away and invest in a real game machine with superior graphics. Ten thousand time better gameplay noob!

    2. Gavin says:

      I spend 14 hours a day attached to a PC last thing I need is add more hours to that but more importantly most PC gamers find the need to *patch* their game for more assistance, noobs.

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