Getting creative with Just Cause 2

| April 21, 2010 | 2 Comments

I’ve been given a copy of Just Cause 2 as a gift and to be honest I probably would have passed up on the idea of buying it which would have been a big mistake on my part. This is a great game packed with action and the ability to get really creative.

I first heard of Just Cause 2 from a review in OXM which in short made the game out to be boring. Now that I’ve played the game (and love it) I personally think review was very misguided, probably due to it not being to the writers taste.

The game itself is massive, open world, like what we’ve seen with Grand Theft Auto. It’s very similar to GTA in a way but yet still very different. I hate comparing games to each other (Bad Company vs Call of Duty) but to give you an overall idea on what’s it’s like I had to use GTA as an example.

Get creative with the action

As you play through the game you starting seeing how powerful the game actual is as you are given the chance to get really creative with weapons and vehicles.

Here’s a video with just some of things you can do:

The only problem I’ve seen so far with the game is that you can easily come distracted by doing your own thing, forgetting all about the missions. I honestly can’t see myself completing this game any time soon but that won’t stop me having a great laugh with it.

I should also add this is a single player only game. There are no on-line game modes available which is a shame as it would have been a brilliant multiple player game.

If you haven’t already purchased Just Cause 2 I highly recommend that you do.
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    1. Cormac says:

      Sounds like an interesting game. What are you actually meant to do in the game? Just run about and find creative ways of killing guys?

    2. Gavin says:

      Hey Cormac!

      The basics is to create chaos in a group of islands to overthrow a dictator called Pandak “Baby” Panay. You are hired by other fractions who are also trying to overthrow him.

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