Have Just Played Godfather 2

| March 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

As a big fan of mafia films such as The Godfather trilogy I managed to pick up the Godfather 2 game for £10.  Released back in April 2009 I never heard much about the game but knew that it existed so decided to take a chance with it.

As the game first loads the music from The Godfather starts and goes into the opening scene of the Hyman Roth meeting in Cuba on New Years eve. After rioting breaks out in Cuba you need to escape with Don Michael Corleone back to New York. If you ever seen the film you know how it goes.

Arriving back you get appointed as the new Don of New York and told to build up your family, crime rings, take out other mobsters and destroy rival families (as excepted).

The game is actually very easy to play and lacks challenge but it is amusing and passes boredom for a good few hours. One of things that I do like is the weapons and execution styles that can be applied, see the below video:

The game is very similar to Mafia II but when someone asked me what game was better I couldn’t give a definite answer. I’m still pissed about the Mafia II achievement glitch.

If you can find this game on the cheap then I recommend buying it, simply for the amusement and the achievements (that’s if you hunt for achievements).

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