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A bought Alan Wake a couple of weeks back but didn’t get round to playing it until Sunday past. It was a game that once I started I couldn’t stop playing until I had it finished. It took me 12 hours to complete the story line of the game and I’ll admit that I enjoyed every minute of it.

I didn’t enjoy the game because of the actual game play but because of its story and the creepy factor.

The Alan Wake Story Line

The story line reminded me of Steven King’s books and how it was told and just like some of Kings book’s the story was about a writer trapped in some nightmare in a small town. With most games I get bored of the story lines very easily and don’t follow them much but with Alan Wake I followed it the whole way through but at the end I was left scratching my head. I had no idea what the ending was about so I took to the xbox forums and found this thread which gives different interpretations of the ending. Ah so we can interpret our own ending?

The Creep Factor

I don’t get creeped out much, especially with games. I laughed at others that were freaked out with games such as Silent Hill which to be honest I found boring but something was different with Alan Wake. Maybe it was because I played the game on a gaming chair with surround sound so I could hear every footstep, wood creak and Crow Caw. Also, every now and again creepy images would flash up on the screen for a quick second that would catch me off guard, I loved this.

Love the Twilight Zone? Then you’ll love Night Springs

Throughout the game you’ll find TV’s that can be switched on with a parody of the Twilight Zone being shown, Night Springs. I loved the old Twilight Zone shows so it was great to sit and watch the Night Springs shows, creepy, funny and weird. There are 14 Night Springs to watch in the game.

Watch this episode on Night Springs:

Overall this is a great game and it’s something I would recommend. I would even recommend making sure that you have a spare 12 hours to sit through the full game as I would think saving it and coming back to it a later date would spoil the story.

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