Kane & Lynch 2 – Review of me feeling robbed

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When the girlfriend phoned me up yesterday and asked if I wanted her to buy me a copy of the Kane & Lynch 2 I thought great as it looked to be a fantastic game (see trailer below).  In fact it looked so good that it had co-op and on-line game-play I told her to pick up a copy also for her son.

I really looked forward to playing Kane & Lynch 2 but within 30 minutes of the game I was already disappointed.

Just some points that I really didnt like about this game:

Censorship – Being an 18 rated game I expected what I usually expect from a shooter, lots of blood and gore. Well with Kane & Lynch 2 you get to see a pixelated head of anyone that you shoot. Kill a dog and its head is pixelated. There is even a part in the game that the camera swings to look at a mutilated body and thats fully pixelated which in my view was totally pointless.

Shooting – I love my shooting games and although this started out good it got really boring within the first 2 levels. Weapons were very few and far between, I would have loved to seen some rocket launchers or even the odd grenade but I had to make do with shooting fire extinguishers and gas canisters.

Explosions – I’ll not say much about the only two explosions I seen in the game but simply that they were the biggest pile of shite I had ever seen. There was no awe factor at all, in fact it remind of the explosions you would see in the old Atari’s or Amstrads.

Very short – I havent completed the game just yet (1 more level to get) because I simply got bored and the repetitive sound of shooting guns was giving me a headache and that’s coming from someone who plays Bad Company nearly everyday.  There wasn’t much of a story line so it was a matter of sprinting through each level killing the bad guys and that’s it.

Although the graphics were good in the game, to be expected from Square Enix, there wasn’t anything else good about it. Simply lots of the same shoot-outs and characters swearing.

If you are thinking of buying this game save your money for something else.

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