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| October 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

I’ve been a fan of some of the previous Medal of Honor games so I was looking forward to the latest addition developed by Danger Close. Unfortunately I was disappointed by the attempts they made at bringing us another war 1st person shooter and not just for the gaming experience.

In previous editions of Medal of Honor we were told a true life story of event that occurred during the war and although this new release was to do the same job I felt it didn’t really tell us much about the Afghanistan war or Operation Anaconda that parts of the game was based on.

Instead of learning about the events of the Afghanistan war I felt I was simply facing a lame attempt at a Call of Duty series. There had been far too many similarities with Call of Duty Modern Warefare to the point that all I seen was a blatant rip off of one the biggest 1st person shooters ever made.

It didn’t take too long for me to get bored with the single player story line and found it very unchallenging to actually play; in fact I found the hard difficulty level actually easier than normal difficulty!

Another disappointment was the explosions effects or lack off. It’s actually seemed I was playing an old PC game based years back and it was the same on both Xbox & PS3. Another thing that I noticed was the lag playing the single player, it seemed both the xbox & PS3 couldn’t keep up with the processing that the game required – I’ve never actually seen this before in a game.

What about Medal of Honor Multi-player?

The multi-player in Medal of Honor is actually interesting. At first it didn’t appeal to me but after a few hours of playing I started to like it. Using the Frost Bite engine that Bad Company 2 was built on the online play is very simplistic. There are different game modes such as team death match, capture the flag and of course the good old faithful of arming crates. You thought bad company 2 games were short because of crate bashing? MOH games can last as short as 1 minute.

Even though I like the online play I know I’ll get bored of it soon enough but be warned if you are going to buy MOH for the online play expect to die a lot, bendy bullets, no kill cam lots and lots of snipers.

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    1. Astenax says:

      I like MOH but the graphics are a bit clunky. I’m just sick of aim bot snipers and stupid fast lightweight with comando perks on COD. The sniping on MOH is off the hook.

    2. Gavin says:

      Thankfully the sniping in MOH is not as easy as COD so it gives an extra curve playing that class.

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