My thoughts on the new Xbox 360

| July 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

After spending about 10 minutes of weighing up the pros & cons of getting the new Xbox 360 I had decided to go ahead and get it. Even though there is already two Xbox 360’s in our house there are 3 gamers, so the decision was made a new one would mean we would no longer need to share playtime (sweet).

The new Xbox 360I have to admit I like the new design, its slimmer with a black gloss finish which will go well with my PS3 and TV corner unit which is also black. Another pro about the new Xbox 360 is the built-in Wi-Fi connection. Only recently I upgraded one of the old Xbox360’s with a wireless adapter and that cost me over £40, plus its extra hardware hanging off the back of the consoles USB port which I don’t particularly like.

The new console has 5 USB ports with 3 at the back and 2 at the front, I’ve yet to think why I would use 5 USB ports and to be honest I don’t even use that many on my PC workstation. The Composite A/V cable is different from the cable supplied with the original 360 (it has no HDTV switch) as is the power pack.

It’s been said that the new Xbox 360 is quieter than the previous noisy Xbox. I will admit that it is quieter but it’s still noisy for a console or at least compared to the PS3. I’m not the only one who noticed this also, just look at some of the reviews around the web.

The eject drawer on the console is touch sensitive (as with the power button) but a nice little touch I like is that it makes a little ping noise but this shouldn’t be a factor is why you would want to buy it.

The console I purchased has the 250GB which is more than enough hard drive space for me. Transferring my gamer profile and saves from the old Xbox 360 was very straight forward; I just used a standard 18GB USB stick.

Should you go out and buy the new Xbox? If you can afford it just to simply have a nice looking console with built in wireless networking then yeah go for it. If not then don’t stress as you are really not missing much.

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