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| December 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

As I like driving games, next to first person shooters, I decided to go ahead and buy Gran Turismo. I’m really not sure why I’ve purchased GT5 when there are other driving games that have just been released, Need for speed hot pursuit being one of them.

The last time I played Gran Turismo was back on the PS1. I played it for hours on end even though I had issues with the game. Well it’s really good to see those same issues I had with GT1 and that put me off from buying any of the other releases are still on GT5.

The issues I have with GT5 are:

No car damage (cosmetic)

This has always been a huge topic for GT fans as most people want to see their car get damaged as it’s exactly what driving games are made off (apart from the actually racing). Also, if I hit a barrier at 100mph I expect that either the car be damaged and me disqualified from the race or at least stop me in my tracks. Nope in GT5 you can bounce of the barriers at 100mph and still keep the led in the race.

Kazunori Yacmauchi of Polyphony Digital says that if you are crashing into other cars or barriers then you are playing the game wrong (I’m trying to find the official source of this) which is fair enough but crashes still do happen no matter how good you are at driving. Apparently though the damage will appear later in the game when you get to certain level of driver and Kazunori said on twitter, It will appear later.

There has been a mechanical damage patch just released this week and although I have it installed I haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s something that I will be doing later tonight.

No cockpit view

Every driving game needs a cockpit view especially for those, like me, who prefer to drive in that view. I was really disappointed on my first race that I couldn’t use the cockpit view and since then I’ve learned that only 200 cars out of 1000 actually have the cockpit option.  I understand that it would have taken a lot of effort to put the cockpit option for all 1000 cars but now I need play the game differently for 800 of those cars.

As you can see these grips I have with Gran Turismo 5 are a bit harsh and shouldn’t really be a show stopper for anyone, even me. Honestly though, the game is great in so many different ways it would be impossible to list everything that’s positive about it. There are 1000 cars to drive, lots of great designed tracks to race and beautiful scenery to look at which isn’t recommend when coming into a corner at 200mph.

The famous Top Gear test track is also in the game and I had the fun of racing a camper van around it thinking I was the star in a reasonably priced car.

I’m currently uploading a go kart race (lots of fun) into my YouTube channel so I’ll update the post once its completed You can view the Kart Race at Toyko Bay here.

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    1. Dvotee says:

      Like you, I played GT1 and thoroughly enjoyed it (and the reason why I got the PS1) but have to agree that I would like to see damage so that the gameplay becomes more realistic.

      I looked at PS3’s yesterday and I can get one with GT5 and Medal of Honor so if I do buy one, and that’s a big ‘if’ that’ll be the way I go + buy BFBC2

    2. Gavin says:

      If you liked GT1 then you’ll probably love GT5 on the PS3.

    3. think says:

      I think that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has a slight edge over Sony’s PS3, but PS3 has its own positives, owing to which it has such a tremendous fan following. In such circumstances, the winner of PS3 vs Xbox 360 battle might be only made the decision by you, based in your personal preferences.

    4. Abram says:

      This is the best auto games! I never miss a gran turismo, from the first to the 5th

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