Bad Company 2 Cold War – Attacking with Assault Class

| December 10, 2010 | 0 Comments

It has only taken me months to create and 6 hours of uploading but it’s finally here, my very first commentary video of Bad Company 2. Playing as attackers on the new Cold War map we went onto win the match.

Here is my load out for this game:

Class: Assault
Primary weapon: M416 with 40mm Grenade Launcher
Secondary: M9 Pistol
Gadgets:   40mm Grenade

Specializations: Improved Demolitions (I call it grenade splash) & Grenade Vest

Why choose the assault class

The reason why I use the assault class as an attacker on Cold War is primarily to do with having the grenade launcher with the improved demolitions specialization. Being able to supply ammo packs for more grenades is a huge bonus on this map.

About the gameplay on the video

I’ve mentioned more than enough times in this video the defence team were very weak which was why we went onto winning the match in under 9 minutes. In most games that I’ve played in Cold War as an attacker it had been very difficult to reach the mcom stations due to strong defence teams; this is when tossing a stream of grenades comes in.

I don’t think it’s really fair that I show you a video of a match that swung in our direction since the start so I’ll get another video uploaded of us defending against a strong attack force and me using recon class with shotgun. I can’t remember if we won that defence match or not.

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