Bad Company 2 Montage Invaders Must Die

| May 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

I’ve finally completed my very first montage from Bad Company 2. It has only taken approx 20 hours to complete which included game play and general video editing. Most time was spent on actually learning the video editing software, Sony Vegas 9, so my next videos shouldn’t take so long to create (hopefully).

I’ve previously mentioned about getting a new Hauppauge HD PVR and now that I’ve used it the quality in the videos it creates is amazing as you can see from the below video (watch it in HD). I still need to make a few configuration changes in the Sony Vegas software to see if I can improve in the quality some more.

Most of the video is from the Valparaíso map and is a mash up of several different games, most of which I am using the recon class. I didn’t create the video to make myself look good as a sniper as I’ve included a missed mortar shot, an epic fail and of course an RGP strike at the end.

What I do like about the video bringing down two Black hawk helicopters (in different games). In the first instance I was able to take out the pilot with a headshot (time 00:58) and on the 2nd I was able to destroy the helicopter with a single shot (time 02:18).

I have to admit after spending so much time looking at the footage from Bad Company 2 in slow motion I have a totally new respect for this game and its creators. The actual details in the game are amazing.

The music is performed by The Prodigy and the song is invaders must die. You can view the original Prodigy video here.

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