Cold War – Defending using Recon

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I’ve uploaded another video at the weekend of defending in Cold War using the Recon class.

Nothing really ground breaking to this video but if you are new to the game or just wanting to pick up some tips on Cold War or using recon then this could help.

My previous video shows Assaulting in Cold War using the Assault class so I thought I would share defending this time around.

Here is my load out for this game:

Class: Recon
Primary Weapon: Spas-12 Shotgun
Secondary: M9 Pistol
Gadgets: C4

Specializations: Lightweight Pack & Magnum Ammo

Why choose the recon class

The recon (aka bush wookie) is a great class to use when defending, if used to assist the team.  The motion mine, a misused tool by most people, will inform the whole team of any enemy in the general location of where the motion mine landed. It’s by far the most important tool for any team that’s defending and by this I am referring to maps without vehicles.

About the game play on the video

There is nothing really special to this game so it’s more of an overview on using recon when defending with a shotgun. It gives examples of how good a shotgun can be in close quarter combat but also its downside, its short range.

The Redd Dragons asked a good question about this video, would I recommend slugs on this map for range or is the spray enough? After seeing his question I decided to try using the 12-gauge slugs with the shotgun on this map and I have to say they work really well. I have a very short video here showing the slugs in action so I may get it uploaded as an example.

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