The Ammo Giver

| July 14, 2011 | 5 Comments

Its always good teamwork for an assault class to give out ammo to his team but this guy takes it to a new level.

I’ve always loved how you can send ammo packs and first aid kits across the map in BFBC2 but this guy, well he’s a teamplayer we’ll all want on our side.


Video description:

A joke montage/movie about giving ammo.
This idea came to me when someone on the EA UK forums told me I wasn’t throwing enough ammo in one of my montages. I told him I cut out those parts because no one would want to watch me only throwing ammo….so here we are

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    1. Dvotee says:

      Epic video I must say…….. Love the heli taking off and carrying the pack on top of the rotors 😉

      A good find!

    2. ThrashHMG says:

      Video is blocked in Poland because of a content :(.

    3. Donncha says:

      Wow, that was excellent! Thrash – sucks it was blocked. If you have a US server with ssh access you can proxy through it, or use one of those anon proxies but make sure you use a virgin browser with no cookies!

    4. ThrashHMG says:

      Donncha – unfortunately not :(. But I believe that Gavin’s video is awesome :).

    5. Gavin says:

      Thrash I didn’t want to really post this on my blog because I knew it was blocked in some countries but I couldn’t resist showing those that could view it. Sorry mate 🙁

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