Using tanks to take down choppers in BFBC2

| March 21, 2011 | 4 Comments

With a bit of patience and good aim using a tank to take down a chopper can be easy.

I’ve created a very short video for a friend explaining how I take down enemy choppers in Bad Company 2. The video isn’t really a guide on how to do but more of me explaining that it can be done and for the most part it’s very easy.

Here it is:

Even though we have access to anti-air craft guns, RPGS (along with tracers) and AT4’s some people still find it difficult to take out a pilot. I find the tank is one of the best methods as long as you have some good distance from the heli and its not flying above your aiming height.

If you haven’t tried it before then get onto the battlefield and give it a shot, you’ll start to love it.

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    1. Donncha says:

      Bah, can’t leave comments on Youtube. Feck.

      Anyway, I find it’s easier to take out choppers in the PC version. I think it’s because people there aren’t quite as good at flying them. They’ll quite often just hover there waiting for you to blow them out of the sky.

      Great vid, like David I had some choice names for you the times I played against ya. Beast of a player!

    2. Gavin says:

      Thankfully I posted the vid here then 🙂

      I wonder if its more difficult to fly on the PC than the consoles due to the lack of controller. I’ve been really tempted to buy BFBC2 for the PC but I think I would need to buy a more powerful gaming PC.

      Am I that bad of a player to fight against? lol

    3. Donncha says:

      Controllers aren’t supported natively in the game but can be used with a 3rd party app that interprets the xbox controller’s inputs as key codes.I haven’t tried it yet, so I’ve avoided getting into helicopters 🙂

    4. getcrackin says:

      Oh, I’ve tried it. Oh, how I have tried it. AT4/Gustav/Tank. Not a one. Funnily enough, I did get a hitmarker when I shot it with an underbarrel launcher.

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